by Lassen

by Lassen matchbox cover


a true classic Danish icon epitomising minimal function and form with a weight and quality that is unsurpassed


white: lacquered steel

nickel: untreated brass plated metal

brass: untreated brass plated metal




With a sharp sense of contemporary Functionalist style, Mogens Lassen designed the iconic Kubus candleholder in 1962, a piece once reserved solely for family and close architect colleagues. The Kubus is still crafted in Denmark, and among architects and design connoisseurs it has acheived the status of a modern international design icon.

The story about Kubus 1:

Architect Mogens Lassen was commissioned to design the interior for a restaurant in North Zealand, Denmark, and it was within the context of this assignment that the Kubus 1 was born. The square-shaped Kubus 1 gathered people around the table just as Mogens intended, and its characteristic shape and simple light created an atmosphere of coziness throughout the entire restaurant. The Kubus 1 still decorates tables in the very same restaurant, because good design lives on for generations.

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