All White Christmas

'LYS' GIFT // 'skov' BOX


LYS is Danish for Light - let's spread some everywhere.

SKOV stands for 'woods' in Danish - the smell of autumn, the gentle fragrance of nature as the season progresses.

Total to pay £25 (usually £36)

Free UK delivery (Enter LYS at checkout for free delivery)

Beautifully presented, wrapped to make the experience all the sweeter.

Included is a hand written note should you wish

Personalise by adding a note at checkout (if you are sending multiple boxes to more than one person then please add as much information in this box as possible)



1 x XL 200g Blomus candle

The scent "Royal Leather“

Memories come back to mind. It catches us immediately - the composition of herbal aroma and a hint of  very subtle woodiness Overall it features a stimulating freshness with a discreet, soft sweetness.

natural soy wax candle is free from toxins, environmentally friendly, and will burn for as long as 24 hours with extremely low soot production

bowl can be re-used as a planter 

Gift wrap + personalised note

Postage to UK



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