KAHLER Urbania


Urbania  tea light holders that have a distinctive expression and  a very cozy detail to have in the room. The light glows beautifully through the handmade windows. Build your own little city by placing your favorite houses in different sizes next to each other. Fits perfectly on the windowsill, on the table or at the sideboard in the hall for a warm welcome.


The Urbania light houses are inspired by the pulsating and creative vibrancy of the big city where life can always be found behind the glowing windows. Every single window in the Urbania candle holder is hand-carved, which gives all the light houses a unique look. Together with the other light houses from Kähler, you can create an entirely unique, small Urbania village with your own favourite tea candle holders in different sizes and design.

House:                10.5cm high

Manor House:   17.5 cm high 6.5x6.5cm base

Long church:     10cm high 7cm base

Classic:                9.5cm high 7cm base

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