LED house


A very cute (and safe) LED porcelain house with a reflective roof which bounces the light around.

I use these in the kids' bedrooms so there is no risk from candle flames.

They are perfect as a collection of three, one of each size.

Batteries are included.

S    4.5X4.5X5CM

M   4.5X4.5X5.5CM

L     5X5X7CM

Set of three: one of each size


They are fine, delicate, revealing a pretty cut-out in the windows from which a subtle glow of LEDs pierces through: these are the luminous mini houses from the charming German decoration brand, Räder.

Small houses with subtle, subdued lighting

Three small houses in matt white porcelain topped with a golden, shiny metallic roof: this is the design and decoration idea of the German brand Räder. Equipped with an included LED bulb, they are lit by a push button underneath and let out a subtle and subdued light through their many small windows.

A "light city" spirit and Scandinavian design

We like to combine the three house models, or even more if there is an affinity. They come in different sizes and are perfectly coordinated (4.4x4.5x5cm, 4.4x4.5x5.5cm, 5x5x7cm) for a bright little Scandinavian town effect. Acting like photophores, these small porcelain houses will be subtle on a console, on a festive table or delicate in a child's room.

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