Rosendahl NOBILI tea-light holder


Pared back, exceptional quality glazed cones and spheres with matt bottom 10cm as the pattern recreates a snow drift between glazed and unlglazed areas. Each pierced hole has been made buy hand, finished so, so well. I shouldn't have faves but these are right up there for my style of Christmas decor. I also love sitting them together as a trio, or gifting one to friends to start their own collection.

Each cone/globe sits on its own saucer ready for  tea-light (please take care as the cone will get very hot), either to light or a battery illuminated option 

Nobili is Kähler’s range of classic ceramic Christmas decorations, inspired by the winter forests of Scandinavia, where stars flicker in the soft, white snow that shrouds trees, hills and streams. Let the stunning Kähler Christmas trees in the Nobili range bring warmth and cosiness with their unique, cut holes - wherever you place them. Use the small Nobili tealight holder alone or together with the other sizes.

snow white glazed cone

M 19cm high

L high

XL 30cm high

snow white glazed sphere/ball

S 12cm diameter

M 14cm diameter

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